In the 21st century every home should be a smart home.

In this day and age we should all be looking at technology to protect the planet, to protect us and to save us money and our smart home products are just what’s needed.

With both Nest and Hive Home we have the 2 biggest names in smart home heating and security. You can control heating and camera systems directly from your mobile or tablet.

This means you can lower your carbon footprint by not heating when you’re not home, save money and should the worst happen detect unwanted visitors and enable you to alert the relevant authorities immediately without putting yourself in danger.

Check out the Nest learning thermostat for an even more technologically advanced solution to heating control.

Lightwave is the smart way to control your home. Lightwave is controlled by an RF link which connects directly to your wi-fi.

All Lightwave products are retrofit wireless, no extra wiring, no mess, no fuss

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